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funding gap emerging markets
funding gap emerging markets

KORI: Betere toegang tot financiering voor vrouwen in Peru

Geschreven door Antón Jáuregui op 11 januari 2023

In Peru heeft in 4 op de 10 bedrijven een vrouw de leiding. Net als in vele andere opkomende landen is het verkrijgen van financiering er moeilijker voor vrouwen dan voor hun mannelijke collega-ondernemers. Lokale leningnemer KORI helpt hen hiermee.

funding gap emerging markets

7 alternatieve kerstfilms voor impactmakers

funding gap emerging marketsVerhalenGeschreven door Lynn Hamerlinck op 22 december 2022

Tijdens de feestdagen gezellig op de bank naar klassieke kerstfilms kijken, het is een traditie. Hier is een lijst met alternatieven voor kerstfilms, speciaal samengesteld voor impactmakers.

funding gap emerging markets

Op pad met Creze in Mexico-Stad

funding gap emerging marketsVerhalenGeschreven door Lynn Hamerlinck op 15 augustus 2022

Ondernemers Dinora en Eduardo zijn allebei klanten van Creze, een financiële instelling in Mexico. Tijdens een bezoek vertelden ze ons hoe Creze hun bedrijf helpt groeien.

funding gap emerging markets

Five Minutes With Thomas

Thomas is known as the Friendly Face of Investments for obvious reasons: he looks friendly and is part of the investments team. Thomas also enjoys reading and learning about a variety of subjects. If you're looking for a book to read, we'd recommend getting in touch with him.

funding gap emerging markets

Email interview with REDAVIA Gmbh Founder & CEO Erwin Spolders

Continuing our series of email interviews with the leaders of our portfolio companies, this time we got to hear from Erwin Spolders, the founder of REDAVIA Gmbh. This was an interesting interview on many levels. In it, Erwin explained to us a truly innovative approach they took to tackling the COVID crisis in Ghana and Kenya, as well as the finer points of their B2B solar business model.

funding gap emerging markets

Five Minutes With Pietro

Pietro is a member of the Investments Team and enjoys organizing team-building events. He is Italian and, with the exception of Dutch, speaks five languages fluently. Fun fact: he once presented the Princess of Thailand with flowers.

funding gap emerging markets

Five Minutes With Lynn

Lynn is Lendahand’s Growth Coordinator. She’s Belgian, has the cutest cat named Papi Chulo, and loves being outdoors. She also enjoys sailing on the ocean and speaks multiple languages. Lynn writes most of the blog posts on our website, our monthly newsletters, and email updates. 

funding gap emerging markets

Five Minutes With Lily

Lily is Lendahand’s Growth Strategist, a mom of two, and one of the few people in the office that doesn’t drink coffee. Another fun fact is despite her lack of singing skills (her words, not ours), she loves karaoke. We’ve asked her a couple of questions to help you get to know her better. 

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