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Help entrepreneurs in developing countries grow their businesses by investing in their crowdfunding projects on Lendahand. Start with as little as €10 and earn up to 7% annual interest.

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736 million people globally live on less than €1.60 a day

Inequality between mature economies and emerging markets has left millions in poverty and without opportunity. This has consequences such as lack of education, gender inequality, and unsafe living conditions.

Lendahand empowers you to make your impact across the world by investing in companies in emerging markets working hard to improve their local economies and communities.

funding gap emerging markets

How it works

funding gap emerging markets

Choose from proven companies

Our experienced team selects proven companies and financial institutions that need funding to grow their businesses. These companies then list “projects” on our site for you to crowdfund.

funding gap emerging markets

Invest in the projects that fit your needs

Invest in the projects most important to you based on factors such as job creation, environmental impact, or gender equality. Start from €10 and earn up to 7% annual interest.

funding gap emerging markets

Fight poverty in emerging markets

Help close the €4.6 trillion funding gap facing SMEs in emerging markets, create jobs, improve local communities, and contribute to a sustainable financial system that works for everyone.

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funding gap emerging markets

Creze 12

Partner Creze will use the EUR 100,000 to finance 10 SMEs in Mexico active in the retail, construction and transportation sector. This will contribute to reduce the SME financing gap, create jobs and improve livelihoods. Approximately 25% of the companies funded by Creze are female owned. **please note: this project contains an exchange rate risk EUR/USD)**

36 months
1 months
Maturity36 months
Repayments1 months
Still €39,380 needed, 32 days to go

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Your investments are always seperated from Lendahand’s assets, no matter what happens to Lendahand
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All transactions are routed through our electronic payment provider Intersolve who is supervised by the Dutch Central Bank

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Get repayments in your account every six months plus interest. Use our investment planner tool to see the power compound interest can have on your investments.

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