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  • This EUR 200,000 loan will enable ECS to distribute 1,500 clean cooking solutions and 5,000 solar lamps to families in low-income communities. With 50% Sida guarantee!

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    Picture: Jason Mulikita, REEEP

    IMPORTANT NOTE: this investment involves a guarantee provided by Sida. That means that in case of a default of the investee a maximum of 50% of your investment is covered (excluding interest). Read terms & conditions here     

    Basic info:

    • Issuer:                                    Emerging Cooking Solutions (Zambia) Limited
    • Currency:                               EURO
    • Amount:                                 200,000, senior debt
    • Maturity:                                24 months
    • Interest rate:                          7% p.a

    Guarantee: Yes (maximum of 50%)

    Direct loan

    This is a direct loan to a company (rather than lending to a financial institution) and therefore it is recommendable that you are careful with the amount you will invest. 


    About the Company

    Emerging Cooking Solutions, trading locally as "SupaMoto", is headquartered in Lusaka, Zambia. We have 4 regional offices, 62 staff and a growing network of over 200 sales agents. We are running a pellet factory in Copperbelt province since 2013. We have sold 8,000 domestic, 100 institutional stoves and 5,000 Solar Home Systems to date. Having invested substantially in building up our capacities, we are poised for rapid growth in 2019, with sales targets of 14,000 Clean Cooking Solutions and 12,000 Solar Home Systems. Our targets until 2021 is to have delivered a minimum of 60,000 Clean Cooking Solutions and 70,000 Solar Home Systems

    SupaMoto’s business model is to provide high-quality products with 2-3 year warranty, allowing customers to leap-frog the old technologies. We are looking for very long-term relationships with our customers, not only to provide them with the daily consumable (cooking fuel) but also to be their partner as they climb the energy ladder towards solar-powered TV, refrigeration, fans and productive use appliances. We invest in strong relationships, which we measure on a monthly basis through the Net Promotion Score Survey (NPS). Our current score is 90, which is exceptionally high and a reflection of extremely happy customers.

    We use Greenlight Planet’s SunKing Solar Home System range, with 3-5 hanging lights and mobile charging, and Mimi Moto’s ultra-clean biomass cooking stove. We manufacture the cooking fuel (pellets) locally ourselves, branded SupaMoto®, which means “strong fire” in vernacular. It is available in three different package sizes.

    As one of the leading and very first actors in Zambia in both the clean cooking and home solar space, SupaMoto is well positioned to take large market shares in the coming years. We have healthy gross profit margins on all our products. Two of our founders, Mattias Ohlson (CEO) and Marion Peterson (Business Developer) are settled in Zambia since 2013.

    We have eight full-time staff in our call-centre, who handle after-sales service and follow-up on late payments. We have recently invested in a toll-free short-code phone number (2233).

    The project

    A €200,000 loan will enable Emerging Cooking Solutions to distribute 1,500 clean cooking solutions and 5,000 Solar Home Systems to families in low-income communities, which will benefit 20,000 Zambians. Our offer to all customers is a leap from the unreliable, dirty and burdensome technologies used for lighting and cooking to the healthy, clean, high-performing and cost-effective technologies we offer.

    Urban households in Lusaka spend around 2000 kwacha (€150) per year on charcoal for cooking. In rural areas, women can spend up to two hours finding firewood, which will be wet half of the year. Cooking with charcoal and firewood is extremely unhealthy, time consuming and stressful and hinders development. Our SupaMoto pellets will save urban users about 50% of their cost on fuel and is exceptionally clean and high performing.

    An estimated 1 million households in Zambia need basic lighting and mobile charging services.

    To address the affordability gap, we offer our Clean Cooking Solution with a monthly pellet subscription, where the cost of the stove is spread out over 24 months. Target area is Lusaka, which is the largest consumer of charcoal. The result is a monthly payment of 100 kwacha (€7), for both payment for the stove and a 20-kg pellet bag (lasting about 3 weeks) which is substantially lower than what the average person in the high-density areas in Lusaka is spending on charcoal.

    The Solar Home Systems are sold on payment terms ranging from 3-18 months or about 100-350 kwacha (€7 to €25) depending on package and term lengths. Most of our sales in rural areas are to farmers and teachers through agents.


    Our project impacts at least five of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in a highly positive way. For example: our clean cooking solution replaces charcoal, which is one of the key drivers of deforestation in Zambia. It also saves women substantial time every day and reduces Indoor Air Pollution drastically, which is a leading cause of death world-wide.

    As one of the first companies, we are in the process together with Cardano Development, to create a Development Impact Bond, which under the protocols of Gold Standard for the Global Goals, will measure and certify our contributions to the SDGs.

    Vision and Mission

    Our vision is to contribute to poverty alleviation in all its forms in developing countries.

    We do so by providing affordable, high-quality, renewable energy for home- and productive use to low-income households in Zambia and ultimately other countries in Africa. Specifically, we:

    Provide a more affordable alternative to charcoal for cooking, which at the same time is healthy and high performing. We do so by offering the highest performing biomass cooking solutions available (Tier-4 on the IWA scale) at a price point where users save money instantly from the first month.

    Provide a cooking fuel which is domestically produced. We produce waste biomass pellets from sustainable sources in Zambia since 2013. Other fuels such as LPG and ethanol are typically imported, which places strain on a developing country’s already limited forex reserves, and risk price hikes for the user in case of currency depreciation.

    Offer the highest quality products on the market. We do so by working with the best manufacturers and by even extending their 2-year warranty (for solar products) to 3 years for the customers.

    Provide financing for people who are financially excluded or do not have the means for upfront purchases. We do so by embracing the latest Pay As You Go (PAYGO) technologies and mobile money, allowing users to pay over 6-18 months, while providing security for the company since the device will shut off if payment is late.


    ·         2013: Recognized as #5 innovation that improved the world in 2013 by Mashable.

    ·         2018: Winner of Sweden’s most prestigious design award (“Design S”) for the “Z-stove”, which most likely the world’s cleanest low-cost pellet stove designed by SupaMoto and partners Zenit and Zemission in Sweden.

    Management Team

    Mattias Ohlson (CEO)
    Mattias is co-founder and has been running the company since its start 2012 and living in Zambia since 2013. He is a serial entrepreneur with a successful exit from an IT-company he created in Sweden as well as an environmental consultancy agency. He also worked for many years with international humanitarian organization Doctors Without Borders (Artsen Zonder Grenzen) in challenging environments such as Afghanistan, Sudan and Sierra Leone, where he managed up to 170 staff. He enrolled at Harvard University 1992 with a full 4-year scholarship but left a year later in good academic standing, having finished two years of courses in one.

    Ben Banda (CFO)
    Ben recently joined SupaMoto having been selected after a long recruitment process involving about 15 shortlisted candidates. He is a Chartered Accountant with diverse experience spanning over 17 years both locally and internationally (10 years international) in business and financial strategy, systems change and implementation, liquidity and treasury management, corporate governance, raising capital and its management, tax, risk management, budgeting and forecasting, revenue assurance, regulatory reporting and financial modelling techniques.

    Marion Peterson
    Marion is also a co-founder of SupaMoto. She was born in USA but grew up in Paris. She has a broad career background, including having been a movie actress and a magazine publisher. She moved to Zambia in 2014 and has been instrumental in the company's development, particularly in regard to developing the company culture, formulating the offers and creating key partnerships.

    Dominic Adongo, Fintech Manager
    Dominic has worked with the Mobile Money sector and PAYGO solar and in Ghana for many years. He is managing our PAYGO platform, data mining including extraction of KPIs from payment data.

    Case studies
    See pictures “Family cooking”, depicting a family outside Lusaka using both our clean cooking and solar products. Customers like these can save €5-6 per month or 40-50% of their monthly cooking fuel cost by switching to SupaMoto. They can also cook indoors, with no discomfort from smoke or any harmful emissions. Similarly, rural users can save both time any money by being able to charge their mobile phones at home with our Solar Home Systems, rather than in town.


    Company nameEmerging Cooking Solutions 3
    CEOMattias Ohlson
    SectorSustainable energy projects


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    • With this investment 20000 people are reached
    • With this investment 5000 solar home systems are installed
    • With this investment 5000 tons of CO2 are reduced

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